Alphatrans International

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Alphatrans joined the ICECORP Logistics Group in 2008, bringing export business in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The Company started in Montreal in the 1970’s, and grew to Sales of around $5M over the next 25 years; giving ICECORP the opportunity to balance its more import oriented business.

The Company handles mostly export niche business in the sporting goods and special fashions industries in North America, with sporting goods for several large industry leaders, emanating from Asia and Canada to Europe; and the specialized fashions centralized in China.

Alphatrans is a member of the IFA – International Freight Association – a worldwide network of freight forwarders in 60 countries; sharing business between the members all over the Globe.

Sarah Barnes-Humphrey
T: 905.672.7400

More information is available from 1-877-ICECORP or by emailing –