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Every business at one point or another is in need of logistics assistance in order for their company to grow. Icecorp is the main source for all of your businesses logistics needs in managing and growing. We have grown over the last three decades to become a leader in logistics and customs clearance. Icecorp has many custom services to offer business including:

Logistics Coordinator – This would be the head of taking care of all logistics and operations for streamlining and improving businesses supply chain. The coordinator is responsible for managing the assembling, packaging, addressing and shipping of company’s product.

Customs Brokerage – We know that it can be a problem transporting goods across borders. Icecorp works as an extension of your business to ensure compliancy of U.S. and Canadian customs. We have fully licensed brokers on staff that will make sure goods make it into Canada smoothly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a national retailer, major manufacturer or a local importer of specialized products; Icecorp customs brokerage service offers your company the complete package. We use state of the art technology for processing all clearances in an efficient manner.

Customs Clearance – Icecorp has 24/7 customs clearance at every major border of the United States and Canada. We have implemented an entry process based on commercial data integrated to our systems from our customers and suppliers. The process also includes reporting and auditing as well as compliance validation on correct rating, trade agreements and post entry processing.

Icecorp uses state of the art technology so that clearances can be processed in a timely manner with a high percentage of accuracy and efficiency. The EDI connection with CBSA that we use allows for an immediate submission and customs releases at just the push of a button. Some benefits are being able to move goods across borders without disruption electronically and reducing the risk of penalties or fines. The clearance includes client invoicing and web based information.

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